Microsoft Office 365 is a file-based system for saving your files,see it like a digital filing cabinet. Each file is saved on a computer or in the cloud, and you can share it with others by sending them a copy or giving them access to the folder where it’s saved. This system is great for simple file sharing, but it doesn’t have as many advanced features as Google Workspace.

Google Workspace, is a database-based system that allows you to organise and manage your information in a more different up to date way. Instead of having separate files, everything is saved in a big database, which is like a big library where all your information is organised into different categories.

Google Workspace allows you to control who can see and change your information by assigning individual ID’s to each user to the different ID’s of the files in the database. This way, you can give different people different levels of access to the information. For example, you can let some people only see the information, while others can change it. Plus, Google Workspace keeps your information safe by storing multiple copies in secure locations and using encryption to protect it.

Another useful feature of Google Workspace is the use of containers, which allow you to group related information together. For example, you can put all the information for a specific project in one container, making it easier to find and manage. The access to these containers can be controlled by Access Control Lists (ACLs), which determine who can see and edit the information within them.

Audits are another advanced feature in Google Workspace that allow you to keep track of who is accessing and making changes to your information. This can be helpful for making sure that only authorised people are making changes, and for keeping track of what changes were made and when.

In conclusion, Microsoft Office 365 is a simple way to save files, while Google Workspace is a more advanced way to organise and manage information with better security and protection for your data. Whether you choose to use Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace will depend on your specific needs.